Robservations for September 22 2022

22 Sep

Life is full of routines. At least mine is. I go through many of the same actions from day to day. Every morning I take a bunch of supplements (including cannabis oil, vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, omega 3s, alpha lipoic acid and a couple other things). I visit with Drew in the bedroom and then Rocky on the living room couch. They love to be loved.

Then it is a quick breakfast of eggs on toast and a nice cool morning dog walk. After that is dialysis, either hooking up for a few hours or just prepping for tomorrow’s run.

Every second day I am on the machine for a good part of the day. The off days takes about an hour of prep. Basically dialysis is my life.
I really dislike dialysis. It is very cumber-some and often is really lonely and isolating. I also really love dialysis as it keeps me alive. Without it, I would be in trouble quickly.

Sundays and Mondays involve laying out and writing The Valley Peak. Again, a repetitive routine. I am always full of stress on these days. Figuring out what to write for you folks to enjoy reading is a tricky thing. I get excited when I find a good, new joke. I love when someone tells me they enjoyed a certain joke.
My days involve lots of dog walks as I am still working on building up strength from the heart surgery. The hounds enjoy this cooler weather and will walk forever. I have taken on their habit of napping be-tween walks, hahaha.

I hope you all have a great week as you go through your daily routines. Find the things that make you happy and put them into those routines.