Robservations for September 15 2022

15 Sep

This column is pretty much based on the latest thoughts in my brain and is often dependent on a video I have recently watched or something I heard in Church that day or just on something that has happened in my world that day.

The video today clearly pointed out that every ‘emergency’ declared by the government seems to cost the citizens money while building the bank accounts of the people declaring the emergency. Whether it is global warming, global cooing, sars, covid or coming up hard and fast, climate emergency. The citizens will be forced to make changes while the bosses are still flying around the world on private jets or buying oceanfront property. None of them will suffer in any way.

Currently Europe is in an energy crisis and many people are struggling because of it. You won’t see much of that on the news as they know it is coming this way soon. Add some more gun control, food shortages, digital ID and a cashless society and that New World Order thing is well underway. According to the tinfoil hat people anyway.

For me personally, I just want to keep getting healthier so I can enjoy fishing and maybe golfing a bit. Fresh air, exercise, vitamins and a healthy diet are mostly part of my program. A strong faith is also important. God has brought me this far through some crazy stuff so we shall carry on together.

My circle of friends has shrunk down a bit but the ones I have are very solid. They show lots of love and really, life is about love.