Robservations for September 8 2022

8 Sep

Every day I feel stronger and stronger. When I came out of heart surgery I really had very little hope of ever feeling well again. That was a lot of pain and immobility. So I am very excited to be now experiencing pain free days with lots of energy. My walks with the dogs are longer and faster than before the surgery by far. It feels good. Glory to God and the faith.

At the same time, I am seeing a lot of sick-ness and even death happening around the valley. It is typical of what is happening around the world. A lot of conspiracy people predicted there would be issues with the vaccines (Bill Gates said he could use vaccines to reduce the population) as they were doing a lot of research. Sadly the media, the politicians and the medical field were all together in deceiving people about the safety and efficiency of the vaccines.

Now we are four injections into it and people are still getting and spreading covid with a possibility of other complications. I guess the thing to remember is that the tinfoil hatters have been warning us about this and deserve some credit. If you have anger, maybe direct it towards the people who have been deceiving us from day one. The ones who made all the money at our expense.
Will you comply when all the new restrictions come out this month? Between covid and climate change we are going to be placed under a lot of restrictions. Stand up or go down in flames.