Robservations for September 1, 2022

1 Sep

I am still healing up nicely. This morning’s walk was amazing, up the hill and around the soccer field and around the block with no problem. Three months ago that would have been an impossible dream. I am pretty excited about getting stronger every day. The way my leg and chest have healed is very exciting. I could not have imagined this in the first week after surgery.

I have been seeing a lot of other people suffering from some rapid onset cancers and many other health issues in the valley lately. It makes me sad. I wonder what is happening out there. I am pretty confident my immune system is in pretty good shape these days. It was pretty bad 5 years ago allowing the cancer to come in but since then I have definitely changed my lifestyle in order to rebuild things and I am feeling I have done okay with that.

It has been a good learning experience for me. I knew my whole life I could be eating better, taking vitamins and getting more fresh air and exercise. But I just pretended that it didn’t really matter. I proved myself wrong with that one. Very wrong. I am very blessed to still be alive and blessed to be able to do home dialysis but it is also a curse for the rest of my life.

We all age differently. Not too many of us make it without some kind of chronic health issue from sore backs and joints to heart issues, cancer and more. Kidney failure is in the middle of that somewhere but it seems to come with heart issues also. Now I just would like to see everyone live a healthy, issue-free life and hope for no more new problems in my own life.