Robservations for August 25, 2022

25 Aug

I have been through a lot of health issues in the past 5 years. Some very serious stuff but I seem to keep bouncing back. This last surgery was dreadful and I really did ot think I would ever be able to heal from it. But here I am. I wonder why that is. I suppose that it means I have a pretty strong immune system these days. Hope-fully it is strong enough to keep the cancer at bay. I have to admit that every ache and pain makes wonder if it is the cancer fighting to return. I suppose I will battle that dragon when the time comes.

Strong immune system or not, obviously God has a plan for me. He must be keep-ing me going for some reason. All I can do now is strive to be the best representative of God and Christ that I can be. I leave a lot to be desired in that field. Forgiveness and kindness can be tough sometimes. I can fall very short there.

I am working on gratitude and love. I have received so many blessings from so many people out there and I want to be a bless-ing to other people. It should not take much to add a bit of light to different folks as I go through my days. I will just have to get out of the house a lot more.