Robservations for August 18, 2022

18 Aug

I used to love getting invited onto someone’s ski boat for an afternoon of ripping around Lake Windermere. It is such a beautiful valley and the middle of the lake gives you a great view of the mountains around us. I have never owned a speed boat but have rented a couple and been out with a few friends in years gone by. Now, with a couple of years of alienating everyone with my writing the opportunities are few and far between. You really learn to appreciate the things people do for you.

I do have an old fishing boat that is great to get out on the smaller lakes and try to catch a meal. I am almost feeling healthy enough to get out there and a couple friends are offering to join me and help me out. That will be nice. Maybe next week.

Back to my writing. I am finding that a lot of the ‘conspiracy’ statements are coming true these days. Sadly many people blame me for them instead of realizing that I was (and still am) just trying to warn everyone about potential dangers and outcomes. I have a 21 year-old friend with myocarditis and he certainly does not want to talk to me about it. It is a tough side effect for sure.

Lots of crazy things ahead as we just comply to the wishes of our authorities. I saw a video of a woman trying to normalize pedophiles by calling them ‘minor attracted persons’. Pretty disgusting really. We are also seeing a record wealth transfer as our governments and corporations are control-ling everything for their best interests not ours.