Robservations for August 11, 2022

11 Aug

Healing is a slow process. Especially as we get older. This has been quite the journey with the triple bypass and heart valve replacement. I was on the operating table for 7 hours with a few difficult moments and that all becomes a factor with healing. With my kidney failure, my urea is very high and that also impedes healing processes.
But I am getting there. It has now been seven weeks post-surgery and I am so much stronger and more mobile. I can actually walk around the block if I have been resting and it is a nice cool morning temperature. In the heat I am pretty use-less.

Golf is a long ways away but I am hoping to get out fishing again by the end of the season. I don’t have the strength to hook up the boat trailer but I can hold a fishing rod once we are out there. Just need to find a willing helper for preparations.

Taking more than a month off of The Valley Peak has taken a huge bite into me financially. It is currently a struggle to get caught up. Survival is getting tougher eve-ry month. Printing costs are tough as well as all the costs of living (rent, insurance, food, utilities, etc.). I can see why so many hard-working people are still struggling.
I am very thankful for everyone who has helped make it this far. This is an amazing community and it has been a sweet learn-ing experience to see who has giving hearts in the valley.