Robservations for August 4, 2022

4 Aug

My life is such a test of patience right now.
Recovery from the surgery is brutally slow
and that is tough enough to accept. It is a
long process, especially with all the complications
with my leg where they took the
vein out for the bypass. I have a vacuum
bandage on with a hose similar to a catheter.
It catches on everything as I walk
around. Very frustrating.
But I think the worst part of this is the
numbness in my left hand. Nearly every
sentence I type needs to have two or three
corrections done to it. It takes hours longer
to put together The Valley Peak and that is
really taking away my incentive to even
write these issues.
It is also tricky writing my truth without offending
some of my readers. I get some
interesting emails. Many people find it easier
to ignore what is right in front of them.
So many people are having new health
issues, some even dying ‘unexpectedly’.
Agenda 2030, openly in action. Soon you
will be eating crickets and sacrificing many
things in the name of the big climate
change lie.
I have lost a few clients over my covid
opinions but gained many more critical
thinking clients. I will be pushing my truths
on you about climate change as well. Such
as the fact that carbon dioxide is one of the
most important nutrients on the planet.
More of it equals more plants and therefore
more oxygen. Our plants and animals
thrive and the Earth has greened up lately.
Or that many more people die from cold
than heat and a slight rise in temperature
would actually save thousands of lives.
Get ready for a fun ride.