Robservations for July 28, 2022

28 Jul

My life is certainly not what I had thought it
would be. I have been very blessed to do
20 years in this valley and for many of
them it was an incredible experience of
hiking, golfing, fishing, swimming, curling
and more. I have been a clown, curling
club manager, safety officer, fire warden,
pizza maker, support worker and much
more. I stuck with most jobs while I enjoyed
them but change was always easy
for me.
I have had The Valley Peak for 16 years
now and it has allowed a pretty good lifestyle.
Not rich by any means but lots of
barters and a rich lifestyle.
Where am I now? I am a shell of the man I
used to be. Kidney failure, multiple myeloma
and now open heart surgery. My body
is a mess and I don’t see a light at the end
of the tunnel. Just mortality.
I am still on quite the journey that has required
a ton of support. I am very blessed
to have all the people who show up to visit
during dialysis, others who supply firewood,
others who bring food and more. I
am very physically limited right now and
need help lifting and reaching. No fun stuff.
Just trying to heal up. Many people have
come together to support me. Thank God
for that.
I do miss a lot of my past friends who have
been pushed away by my ‘conspiracy’
writing and some conversations. I thought
true friendship overcomes a lot of differences.
But ‘ghosting’ happens. I am thankful
for the new friends who have stepped
up and been amazing