Robservations for July 21, 2022

21 Jul

The main thing on my mind these days is this entity called God. My life has been a bit tough since kidney failure and bone marrow cancer but I have been blessed to make some new friends who have been very supportive.

I am now at a new level of health issues and being away in Kelowna for a month took me far from my supporters. My Mom, sister and brothers were in the area but when it came to getting through some long and lonely nights, God was there for me. I did 29 nights in that hospital and every one of them brought loneliness, pain and panic as I was always short of breath. I think I am probably the worst prayer person out there, feeling like I never know what to say.

Being thankful for what you have received is a good plan but also being thankful for what you want and will receive is a good way to go. Be open to or expect miracles. I am a walking miracle right here in your community. My mission now is to figure out why God kept me alive through this. What do I need to do?

Thanks to all the folks that have been and are praying for my well-being. I have heard there were thousands of you, near and far, saying daily prayers. God was listening to all of you as he guided the surgeons through a tough one. Thanks. Amen.