Robservations for June 30th, 2022

30 Jun

This is a tough article to write. I have lots
of thoughts about life these days. I have to
contemplate my love/hate relationship with
our medical system. Our local hospital
sucks in many ways full of judgement and
discrimination. Some people get full service
while others are turned away. People
with little to medical are given authority
and there is no such thing as patient centered
care. People 10 feet away with no
mask on while others being refused entry.
Again, nothing to do with safety but everything
to do with control. And acting all indignant
to anyone who questions their
failure of grade 9 biology. Cut off your oxygen
or leave. That is healthy for sure.
Many patients end up driving to Cranbrook
and these people feel proud of that.
Kelowna has some similar door checkers
but it is large enough that you just say you
are there for a procedure and there are no
issues. An x-ray, dialysis, angiogram,
emergency or whatever. They have 60 or
70 other visitors lined up at the door being
asked if they coughed lately. If you have a
glass of water you do not need a mask.
Insane. Again no one is being kept safe
with this.

But I do admit that many of the real workers
in the hospitals do an amazing job. Lab
and x-ray techs, housekeeping, and especially
cardiac surgeons. Those people get
it done without playing any games. My life
has been saved a few times now and I
appreciate that. Big saves. This one was
incredible. Recovery is long and painful but
should be worth it. The cardiac ward is
overflowing with beds in the hallway right
now. Lots of pericarditis and blood clots.
Our doctors will continue to pretend that is
a coincidence. Sad.