Robservations for June 2nd, 2022

2 Jun

So apparently I need an aortic valve re-placement in my heart. I have known since November but have so much other medical stuff going on that I have been trying to ignore it. I guess I hoped it would go away. Instead it has been getting quite a bit worse. I am at the point that I cannot go up any stairs or walk around the block. The hounds are not getting the walks they need.

With my recent bout of pneumonia and the amount of time it is taking to heal, I have had to reassess. I have a cardiologist appointment (6 week wait) this afternoon and I am very scared. I have not slept in weeks. Thank God for some of the support I have been getting.

I am hoping for a quick surgery resolution and we may see The Valley Peak disappear for a couple of weeks. I will end this writing here and continue in a few hours when I have more information.
So I need an ECG, bloodwork, chest x-ray, CT scan and an angiogram to determine what the next steps will be. Sounds like fun. I am not really looking forward to a bunch of medical ‘experts’ forcing a mask on a person with low red blood cells, low hemoglobin and a heart condition, all of which restrict oxygen. Honesty and patient care get thrown out the window.