Robservations for May 19th, 2022

19 May

I swear that last night at bedtime I had an amazing Robservations all written out in my brain. But due to human nature, those thoughts are long gone now. It is like walk-ing into a room and forgetting why.

Every week I go through a lot of doubt about what I am writing into The Valley Peak. There are a lot of things that need to be questioned these days. Like what did the District do with the $1.181 million they received to promote the covid narrative? Someone should ask that question, shouldn’t they?

Personally the economy is getting a bit tough. I am chasing down a few clients who have neglected their invoice pay-ments. It seems like a few businesses are struggling a bit. I hope to get caught up as printing expenses are up there.
I often wonder about Bill Gates. Is he clairvoyant? He has vaccines when a pandemic arrives, artificial meat as meat shortages begin to happen, artificial breast milk as baby formula shortages happen and he is buying up all the agricultural land and the railways. Just so he can help us, I am sure.

Sorry, a bit of a sidetrack there. I could use a philanthropist to support the Free Food Pantry, that is for sure.
The May long weekend is happening al-ready. Be prepared for a nice busy little valley as it is so beautiful here. Although my phone is calling for much needed rain.