Robservations for May 5, 2022

5 May

I live a very cyclic life. Dialysis is every
second day and that leads to a two week
rotation. This week I have dialysis on
Tuesday, paper delivery day so it becomes
a long, dreaded day. Next week dialysis
will be on Monday, writing day so I will be
anxious and stressed for the whole run
trying to make sure I get it done. I think
that we all live repetitive, cyclic lives, which
can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

One of the problems of getting caught up
in such a cycle is that it is tough to find joy
and happiness. I need to fish at this time of
year and really, there are only one or two
days every week that I might be able to get
out there without worrying about other
things. Most of the lakes are ice free now
so I have many choices of where to go but
it has to fit within my available time frame. I
hope you can all break away from your
cycles to have some fun and recreation.

We are still living in a clown world where
obviously wrong ideas are being accepted
as right because the TV tells us so. No one
wants to stand up for their individual
thoughts and beliefs. God is sad about

Honest doctors who actually are trying to
save their patients are being censored and
deplatformed. It is backwards and scary.
Look for Dr. Vernon Coleman for an interesting
take on things.

There are many such doctors around the
world trying to speak up.