Robservations for April 28, 2022

28 Apr

Friendships have a way of going in so many different directions. Finding myself as a needy, weak, deteriorating man has shown me a lot about the value of friends. I basically have three main categories of friends these days.

Old friends who have completely disappeared from my life. The ones whom I was mostly counting on have really stepped back. I realize that much of it is due to my beliefs on the plandemic but it is still very disappointing. When we bump into each other they act as if I have nothing going on and life is normal.
I have other friends who have promised they would visit during dialysis, yet here we are, 4 years later and they have not found the time. They will tell me how busy they have been but promise that they will get over soon. But they are busy living their lives without having to worry about me.

Haha, I am such a whiner.

Then there are all the amazing new friends who have come into my world. People whom I had never met but have come to me through my writing. People who just want to help all the time. They sit with me during dialysis (stops my panic attacks), they help with physical things around my place, they offer rides to medical appointments (including to Kelowna if needed) they bring meals and they constantly ask how I am doing and how they can help.

All these ‘strangers’ have been getting to know each other as well. What a wonderful blessing for all of us. Stop by and join us anytime