Robservations for April 21, 2022

21 Apr

I just about had a breakdown a moment ago. I tried to save the paper and my computer was rejecting me saying the disc space was full. I did end up losing some information but I can make that all up again (literally).

I hope everyone had a nice Easter week-end. The valley was pretty busy as visitors come out to prepare their summer places. This is such a beautiful valley and it is a nice getaway for all the city folks. I know as I lived that lifestyle about 23 years ago until I got smart and moved out here. If you love outdoor activities and healthy life-styles, it is a no-brainer. This is how we are meant to live, enjoying nature and the wonderful works of God.

Thanks to all the wonderful notes and comments of support that I have been get-ting. If only that could equate into a couple more advertisers. I know there are a few of you who strongly disagree with my writing but there are many that seem to be realizing that there just might be something to it. Having an open mind is a good quality. I should try it.

Thanks to my delivery people, proofreaders, printers, clients and readers. We have been at this for several years now. And thanks to the amazing people who have been visiting during dialysis. What a great opportunity for some friendly fellowship as we solve the problems of the world.