Robservations for April 14, 2022

14 Apr

I love this time of year watching the trees budding, the grass greening, golf courses opening, hiking and biking trails drying up, birds singing and so much more. Chilly, sunny morning walks and warm afternoons on the deck. I have a wonderful south-facing deck so things get very toasty out there. Blessings.

Where I live is a very open neighbourhood without a bunch of traffic so a lot of people go by daily on walks, riding bikes and what not. Everyone is in a good mood, waving and chatting up the dogs.

Sometimes traffic goes pretty fast here so I did put up a fence to keep the hounds in the yard. Watson’s demise right out front was pretty sad. I hope to not have to experience that again but life happens quickly sometimes.
Well that was a depressing memory but hey, at least it was a bit of a new complaint compared to my writing over the past two years. On that note, it is exciting to see more and more doctors standing up for the health of their patients. More than 100 here in B.C. now. There are just too many health issues happening around us to ignore it. Something has changed lately and there are only so many ‘coincidences’.

I hope everyone is doing well. A reminder that if anyone is experiencing kidney is-sues and would like to get together to see what that looks like, please connect with me. I feel I have a solid background in that world now.
I want to thank all the folks who have been helping with deliveries these past couple of years. You are incredible and really help deep this going. Thanks also to the advertisers and the readers. Good work.