Robservations for April 7, 2022

7 Apr

So a couple more mandates will be lifted this week. I believe I will be allowed in a restaurant and into a few other places. It will be nice to know that as of April 8, I am no longer a threat to anyone else. It is rather absurd but hey, rules are rules. Whether they make sense or not.
Sometimes I feel bad that I have openly written against the main narratives during the past couple of years. Being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a tough job these days. We lose a lot of friends as we stand up for what we believe is right. I mean, who could have predicted that ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ would turn into vaccine passports with thousands of lost jobs and such? Just those ‘tinfoil hatters’.

Personally I don’t want to be right. I want to try to inspire people to do research and speak up and advocate for themselves. Not just follow along with the crowds be-cause that is comfortable. I admit that speaking out can be very uncomfortable.

But it is because I care about the people in the valley and the country and the world (in that order, to be honest). This is a very loving, healing, giving place that has been pulled apart by ‘science’. Similar to families and communities everywhere. I want people to take a second look at things to be sure they are moving in the right direction. It is a bit of a ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ situation. I speak out because I care about all of you.

Looking ahead, I think we shall soon see a 6th wave pushing a 4th shot. Maybe called ‘omicron stealth’ or something scary like that. It will be interesting to see what be-comes of the universal basic income pro-gram that is coming in soon. The great reset.

Anyways, good luck and good health for everyone would be a wonderful thing.