Robservations for March 17, 2022

17 Mar

I never really thought that hate mail would
be a part of my life. When I first took over
The Valley Peak I received a note asking
what the purpose of it was and that I was
killing trees for no reason. It took me a
while to sort through that in my head. I was
new at this.

But now things are quite real. I can’t quite
understand the mentality of some folks.
Really, if you don’t like reading The Valley
Peak, that is okay. Just leave it on the
shelf. I am aware that much of what I write
is strongly against what you have been
conditioned to believe. I also used to believe
that the government was for the betterment
of the people and that the news
was full of true information that I needed to
know. But now I question that as so much
of it is so obvious and it is way too much
work to just ignore it.

A couple messages were a bit bizarre,
basically wishing I would just go away and
die. Strangely, no mask, no vaccine and
very immune compromised and somehow I
am still here. Who would have thought?
I much prefer the other messages that
stroke my ego. This week was incredible
with phone calls, emails and street stops
with people thanking me for being brave
enough to write about the Pfizer data release.
I also get lots of messages thanking
me for open discussion about my health
issues and issues with our healthcare system.
Many people have experienced a lot
of problems with their health and the services
they have received but are afraid to
say anything. That should change some

I know that my previous lifestyle has put
my health where it is but I also know that
at least 10 misdiagnoses and medical errors
have put me much deeper into these
issues than I need to be. Imagine being
itchy all over your body from toxins due to
kidney failure but having the doctor suggest
a new shampoo. Simple bloodwork
would have changed everything rather
than me ending up crashing into emergency
in critical condition.

Please rest assured that I am not trying to
endanger anyone’s health but I am worried
that folks might not have the information
they need to make informed decisions.
Obviously I believe our immune systems
are pretty strong and can defeat most viruses
(like 99.9%).

That was a long Robservation.