Robservations for March 10 2022

10 Mar

I have been deeply entrenched into the health care/medical system for a few years now. Up until my kidney failure/bone mar-row cancer I was just an average person, much like yourself, wondering where life was going and how long it might last. No real worries other than finances and to pay rent and keep food on the table. I was healthy enough to pretty much avoid doc-tors except for on the odd occasion that something was not feeling right. I hated check-ups because I just did not want to hear any bad news.

Really I did not want to hear that I should eat healthier and get more exercise, and things like that. If there was something wrong then maybe I would get it dealt with. I believe a lot of people feel the same. By the time they go to a doctor they are hop-ing for a quick fix and not a lifestyle lecture. Most of us know what a healthy life-style is but just don’t take the time or effort.
So I think through the years many doctors must begin to expect that from their patients. They give up on preaching healthy lifestyles and just work on following protocols from the College of Physicians writing prescriptions and getting to the next patient. It has to be tough.

Which brings me to this question. Who is in charge of your health? Is it your doctor? Bonnie Henry? Justin Trudeau? Or maybe it is just you. Realistically you are the only one who has the responsibility of keeping you healthy. You have the power and authority to make your own health decisions and be your own advocate. Just make sure you do some research on everything you do. Real research.
You are also the one responsible for your happiness. Did you know that the purpose of life is to experience joy as often as possible? I am finding that the more I help others (within my abilities) the happier I am. Maybe that is the secret.