Robservations for March 3 2022

3 Mar

I could never explain the thought processes I go through writing The Valley Peak each week. Obviously I am not afraid to touch on some of my thoughts on the mainstream and political narratives but believe it or not, I am very gentle compared to what I am actually thinking. I have lots of time to research things. I have a lot of thoughts on the current Ukraine/Russia issue but some of them don’t line up with many folks. There is no doubt that it is an awful situation but it would be interesting to know what has led to it. Wouldn’t it?

I get a few messages saying that I have become very divisive and sometimes offensive with my thoughts. Sadly the word offensive has become so overused lately that it has no meaning. Imagine being offended by a label on pancake syrup or by a hat that someone is wearing or lately by a Canadian Flag. If you think someone should change their hat because you don’t like it then you might be a bit disillusioned about people’s rights in this world. We can all make our own choices.

I wrote a couple weeks ago that it all comes down to what is right and what is wrong. So many wrong things are happen-ing around us but the media tries to convince us that they are right. And people are afraid to speak up because they believe the media speaks for the majority. But really, they speak for the elites and the policy-makers and the people who make millions of dollars based on the narratives.

But that is all just my opinion. Obviously I have as many biases as anyone and I do look for items that tend to confirm my thoughts. Similar to everyone. But so much of it of what is happening is like living in a clown world where everything is backwards.