Robservations for February 24 2022

24 Feb

Willpower is an interesting thing. I guess it is another term for sticking to your values and decisions although willpower tends to refer to health choices.

With my health issues I definitely have to be very careful with what eat. Anything with preservatives, especially phosphorous, potassium or sodium, is not good for my system as my kidneys will not be able to clear them out of my bloodstream. Amazing foods like bacon, smokies and bratwurst, and frozen foods that are so perfect for a single person are so very bad for me. They aren’t the best for anyone really.
So I try to avoid a lot of that stuff but I tell you what, I love bacon and it just cannot be completely eliminated from my diet. It is a funny but sad weakness in my so called willpower.

I think of Watson lots lately. He changed my life and touched many hearts. He loved smokies haha. He loved love and thanks to my experience with him I now have two lovely hounds, Rocky and Drew. I do wish there was two of me to make sure these boys get all the love and care they need. I just don’t have the energy for the walks that I used to have. We certainly change with age.

Remember to be true to God and yourself and always stand for what you know is right. Too many people just go with the flow and that is not always the best route to take.