Robservations for February 17 2022

17 Feb

As you can likely tell, I am getting a bit
more vocal about my thoughts on the situation
in our country this past couple of
years. I see the ‘elites’ (rule-makers) travelling,
partying maskless, hugging and
pretty much breaking all of their own rules
constantly but if they say ‘Sorry I made a
mistake’ then there is no worry of a virus or
an trouble.

I see senior family members trapped in
homes and isolated from their families until
their passing.
I see patients in hospitals isolated with no
one to advocate for them.
I see kids playing sports with their parents
locked out of the building.
I see critical surgeries and other health
issues delayed and worsened by covid

I see people fearful of each other and refusing
to shake hands or hug (we need

I see gyms closed but liquor stores open
‘for our health and safety’.
I see big businesses thriving while small
businesses are being mandated into oblivion
as they have to close.

I see segregation and discrimination promoted
by the government and being enforced
by local businesses.

And I see more and more people getting
sick after being forced to take the jab for
work or whatever. Cancers are returning
with a vengeance after vaccinations.
Strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, kidney
failures, palsies, still births, menstrual
bleeding and more. But no one is willing to
talk about that or admit it.

For me it all comes down to one very obvious
concept. We all know in our hearts
what is right and what is wrong and we
have to choose which path is worth taking.
Or we can just conform.