Robservations for February 10 2022

10 Feb

My thoughts change a lot on writing days. I tell myself to take it easy and try not to be offensive. You know, maybe a couple mild articles against the main narrative and then search hard for good, positive things to write about. I am sorry if my thoughts and feelings don’t match up with yours. I guess I am a bit of a poop disturber lately. But I am easily distracted so I flip around the internet watching videos as a break from writing.

But then I come across a video of two RCMP arresting a little old man for honking his horn in support of Canadian freedom. They handcuff him and drag him away with a bunch of folks filming and questioning the scene. For honking his horn. The cops clearly state that.

This is our new Canada. Some now call it Chinada as we seem to be on the edge of a full blown communist dictatorship. I can’t remember the last time I felt our government did something that was beneficial to the citizens.

When I bought my bus it came with a pole and Canadian flag to set up while in the campsite. I am always proud to put it up. But now if you have a Canadian flag on your vehicle you will get yelled at and fingered by a few people. I can’t quite under-stand why people hate the concept of others having freedom of choice or speech. Personally I am very excited to see so many Canadian people and flags out. Whether you like the convoy or not, it has certainly unified a lot of Canadians. That is exciting.

God keep our land, glorious and FREE and Oh Canada, I will stand on guard for thee.