Robservations for February 3 2022

3 Feb

It seems that the more I think about God, the more God show up in my life. I guess that is the same with most things. If you buy a green car you begin to see a lot of green cars. We control our consciousness.

I need something to give me strength. This has been a tough 4   years with nothing but bad news from every freaking doctor’s appointment, procedure, blood work or whatever. I am just another dollar bill for most of them. My surgeon in Kelowna actually seemed to really care and sat with me to discuss future directions. That was rare but nice.
I remember reading a book where they asked 100,000 cancer survivors why they thought they survived cancer. The top 7 answers had nothing to do with the health system, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. It was about learning about your own body and being your own advocate. Hav-ing a reason to live was one of them also.

So I have taken faith in God and the body and immune system that he has given me. It does require lots of study and maintenance but it seems to be a good way to go. We all know what it takes to have a strong immune system but we don’t want to do the work. I avoided it for 50 years but I am working hard to recover from that.