Robservations for January 27 2022

27 Jan

Adulting has a lot of responsibilities that are very redundant. Laundry, dishes, planning meals, trash, clearing snow, income, shelter and so much more. We are all under a lot of pressure just to survive.

At 60, I am pretty young for such a feeble old man. It takes me a lot of effort just to keep up with normal life tasks. I am blessed to be able to write for a living.

It is important to get out and enjoy yourself at times. Find an activity that is just for fun and spend some time on yourself. For me it seems that sitting on a lake staring at a very still fishing rod is quite enjoyable. It has been a bit trickier this year as these hounds don’t enjoy it quite as much as Watson did. They just want to go explore the shore. They don’t mind napping in the truck for a little bit while I sit out there.

I have mixed feelings about the trucker convoy. It is great to see more and more Canadians standing up for what is right. I hope it inspires others to rethink mandates and lockdowns. But I also hope that my dialysis supplies aren’t travelling to Ottawa and back hahaha. Truckers are extremely essential in our country. I did get a bit emotional watching some videos of all the people cheering them on.

I do wonder every day where the world is headed. Are we living the ‘new normal’ now or is there more room to go downhill from here? Or are we on our way back to normalcy where people just take responsibility for their own health.