Robservations for January 20 2022

20 Jan

Just an article of reflection this week. Obviously there are a lot of things that none of us understand and the more I try to understand the more disoriented I become. It scares me. I can’t understand what I think is evil or the complacency of people in a position to change things but just let it all happen. I can’t understand the health industry and I am afraid to go near a hospital now.

So I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. I have a lot of serious health issues to deal with so I have to try to keep those under control. I wish I had seriously considered health long before it became critical.

So yeah, fresh vegetables are a wonderful thing, and fruit and drinking lots of water (if your kidneys work). I try to get lots of sleep but with the dogs and the health stuff it is tricky. But you should be working towards lots of rest and regeneration. I take a bunch of vitamins now that I am sure would have made a huge difference earlier. A, C, D3, zinc, Quercetin and more. I drink a bit of hydroxychoroquine with some chaga mushroom added (super high anti-oxidant). And cannabis oil to strengthen the immune system. I also try to get some fresh air and feel blessed how the dogs inspire me to get out for walks.

I recommend all of that to anyone but at least get going on fresh air/exercise, water and rest. Your body needs it.

I had an amazing Church experience (later article in this issue) on Sunday that brought me so much closer to where I want to be with God. Thanks for that. God is a great healer of so many thing for so many people.

I hope that you have a wonderful week coming up.