Robservations for January 13 2022

13 Jan

The world is full of fear but not always the same fears. We all perceive events very differently. Obviously I am no exception.

My Mom watches a lot of news. She fears covid. More than anything in the world. She will be masked up afraid of breathing for the rest of her life. She believes that the government is amazing and spending a lot of money to try and save us all. Realistically, she is afraid of dying and is convinced that covid will take her out. She is 90 so that is possible.

Myself, I also fear death although I like to think that I don’t. We all die eventually and have to accept that. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ as my savior and should be open to moving on but we all know that dying is a scary thought.

I do not fear covid. Maybe because I do not watch television. Instead I fear death by cancer, which many of us have, or heart failure due to kidney issues, which I seem to be well on my way to. I have been pretty close a few times in the past 4 years and I know how I feel when that is happening. At times I just want it to end but I am still full of the fear of it. Fear is a very strong emotion and tough to control.

I also fear the direction that our country is taking. So many restrictions based on non-scientific data. So many that make no sense at all yet we all just agree and follow along, not wanting to seem ‘offensive’. Free thought and free speech are under attack and that is scary (I should note I am in Facebook ‘jail’ at the moment).
Anyway, it is difficult for any of us to under-stand other’s fears. We are all on a differ-ent journey and very few will ever take the time to try to understand the fears of oth-ers. We must remember that to each individual, our fears seem very valid.