Robservations for January 6 2022

6 Jan

Happy New Year folks. I am glad to see
we made it through 2021 and let’s hope for
a wonderful 2022. Generally, life is what
we make it so let’s all add to our own adventures.
I am not a big resolution kind of person
anymore. It is too easy to make and break
resolutions. I just want to stick with an ongoing
improvement plan that has many

One thing I enjoyed last year was sticking
to my own beliefs and standing for my
truths. I don’t care if the media has everyone
convinced differently, there are some
things that are obvious truths and people
must not be afraid to stand up for them. It
is sad watching people bow to the masses
just to get along.

Transgender ‘women’ playing in women’s
sports? No thank you, not fair and will destroy
women’s sports. But no one has the
cahones to stand up to that. What happened
to women’s rights? There are so
many examples of the clown world we are
now living in and no one seems to call any
of it out. The world is just getting weirder
with everyone so afraid to offend anyone.
Anyway I am sure I just hurt a few feelings
but you know what, that is okay. We all
have to work through a lot of feelings in
our lives. I come from a fairly traditional
family and don’t like seeing that idea
breaking down. But hey, that is my
thoughts, which is my right to have.

In summary, I hope we all get along this
year and I want to prepare you for reading
some things that you will not agree with or
like, the same as I do when reading some
media and that is what makes life interesting
every day.