Robservations for December 23, 2021

23 Dec

Merry Christmas folks and a Happy New
Year. I hope everyone finds some joy in
this holiday season. It would be a great
time to give up on fear and judgement and
ramp up on love. There is not enough of
that going around these days. There rarely
is enough love.

I see the NHL has a ton of covid cases
regardless of the fact that they are 100%
vaccinated. That is proving the vaccines
are very ineffective at stopping the virus or
‘flattening the curve’. It is definitely not a
‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ no matter
how many time CBC tells us so.

What does that mean in real life? It means
that you should forget about your fear of
being around an unjabbed person. It
means that vaccine passports are 100%
useless at stopping anything other than
fairness and dignity. It means that it is time
to actually think about what we see and
hear on the television and ask ourselves if
it makes any sense.

It means that people and businesses enforcing
the vaccine passports are helping
to cause unjust discrimination and lots of
hard feelings. For no scientific reason at
all, but hey, Bonnie says so.

So lighten up on your family and friends
this season. Love them more and accept
that everyone goes through this journey