Robservations for December 16, 2021

16 Dec

So here we are, the middle of December with Christmas just over a week away and I am finding myself in the same situation as the past few years. I have not even considered looking for gifts or even Christmas cards for people. I am a very weak family member in that regard. I needed to get things into the mail long ago to reach my family in time. Especially with the performance of Canada Post lately.

So do I gather some cards and send them now? Or do I just wait and call everyone on Christmas? My thoughts on covid have mostly alienated me from my family. I can’t come to terms with thinking the government is trying to help or save me. It just doesn’t make sense with what they have been doing.

Anyway, Christmas is a time to forget about all of that. Well anytime is the time to forget that. It should not matter what your friends or family think, you still want to love them and get along. Sometimes I fail miserably at that. Many of us do.

On an unrelated note, it is crazy having to watch my fluid consumption. Drinking lots of water is great for you but my kidneys cannot handle that. I have to limit my fluids to the point that I weigh myself several times a day to see how much is accumulating. If I am 2 kg over my base weight on dialysis day I have to try to draw 2 litres of fluid out of my body. It can be very crampy and crappy at the same time.

Take care of your health folks. You will regret if you don’t.

The same with loving your family and friends. No regrets.