Robservations for December 8, 2021

8 Dec

Some folks wonder why I seem to be okay
with opposing the main narratives out
there. Many know that most of what I write
or say does have some merit to it but
many are afraid to admit that there may
have been some mistakes made. A lot of
people are afraid to speak the truth for fear
of offending someone or of being considered
different than others.

I guess I am over that. It is okay to offend
people, that is part of life and it is generally
their issue to deal with, not mine. Criminals
in government offend me but I don’t think
they really care.

I used to worry a lot about what people
thought but I have realized that life is way
too short and can end way too suddenly to
waste it not being true to yourself. I was
feeling pretty close to death again the past
couple of weeks. Now I am told I have
issues with my main aortic valve in my
heart and that will require surgery. So I
care about cancer, kidney failure and heart
surgery, not other people’s feelings. Just
staying alive is difficult enough thank you.
Oh, and I care about dogs. They are filled
with love.