Robservations for November 18, 2021

18 Nov

Life is definitely like a roller coaster ride.
There are so many ups and downs that it
is difficult to understand sometimes. Personally,
it is all about health issues at most
times these days. Some days are great,
others not so.

But everyone has issues and I understand
that. Any individual can be going through
some very tough times at any given moment.
I know that many times I have been
quick to judge people with no idea of what
is happening in their lives. That is not a
good thing.

Your struggles are as valid to you as anyone
else’s including mine. I am blessed to
be able to write a bit about mine to increase
awareness (I guess I am an attention-
seeking pity party). Many people keep
their problems close to themselves so we
never know how they are struggling.

So try to be kind and considerate whenever
possible. We have mostly taught ourselves
to be a bit harsh and judgmental at
times but if we can mindfully change that
part of ourselves. We all know how it feels
to be judged when we were hoping for
support and by extension, we have all
judged when we could easily have been

Let’s change our world with kindness