Robservations for November 11, 2021

11 Nov

There will be quite a bit about health as
our health is very important. Rocky and I
are having a few issues lately and I try to
be open with people about what is happening.
Living with 2 terminal illnesses makes
life a bit testy at times as I always have to
focus on keeping them under control. I am
having issues with both my cancer and my
kidney failure and will discuss both a bit
later in the issue.

Why do I publicize my health issues? That
is a good question. Partly is because I am
not very close to any family members so I
need to talk about it with someone. That is
you. But the main reason is all the notes of
thanks for being open with my health.
Many folks have issues with their health
and are ashamed of themselves because
of it. They do not discuss things with anyone
as they are afraid of judgement.

I like them to know that they are not alone.
It is interesting how many folks tell me of
their issues on the side as they know there
will be no judgement.

Of course I will be touching on the current
state of society. I obviously disagree with a
lot of the mainstream narrative and I try to
break some of that down to a simpler, easy
to understand discussion. It is tricky thinking
differently in this world. Some people
are very offended by different thoughts.
Even I like to be agreed with haha.

I generally just write what is happening in
my brain at any given time. I appreciate
your understanding of that and hope that
some of it is thought-provoking for you.