Robservations for November 4, 2021

4 Nov

In last week’s issue, this column was a bit too filled with bitterness and malice. I had received a negative email and should have just left it alone. Everyone has the right to their own opinions and I do get to hear a few that are different than mine.

On the other hand, I do also get positive email. Lots of it actually. It seems that there are many people who do see the absurdity of many of the lockdown rules and vaccine passports. It just seems like an attack on our small businesses and now on a lot of our essential services, such as health care.

BC just lost 4,000 health care workers who refuse to follow the vax mandate. Some people think “Good riddance, science deniers, etc.” while others think, “I wonder why they are willing to give up everything to avoid the jab? What have they seen?”

Already a lot of segregation is happening in Canada based on a medical decision. I think that is insane. If you are vaxxed it makes zero difference to you if someone else is vaxxed. That is grade 10 science regardless of what the TV says. If the vaccine does not protect you from others then I really don’t understand why folks should take it. Is that ‘conspiracy’ or maybe just basic logic?

Back on track here. Thanks to the readers who do take the time to think about what they read, here or anywhere else. We have a lot of information to process and interpret. Of course I love anyone who agrees with my opinions and those who disagree but continue to read regardless. Open thoughts and discussions are a good thing.