Robservations for October 28, 2021

28 Oct

I am not sure if I should call it ‘hate mail’ or not but I received quite the email last week. A gentleman finds me quite hypo-critical with the way I am trying to feed hungry folks with the Pantry but I always finish the paper up with some crazy conspiracy stuff that is deadly to the community members. He feels I am risking serious harm to my ‘mentally-challenged’ followers and regurgitates the daily rhetoric from the CBC.

Bob believes that questioning government officials is way out of line as they obviously are trying to save us all with the mandates and regulations. Obviously I don’t quite agree with that opinion but I understand that some folks do think like that.

Anyway Bob is so offended by what he has been reading that instead of just putting it down, he has filled his heart with hate. How can a good person have different opinions than him? Not possible in his mind. His plan is to contact every one of my advertising clients and let them know his feelings. So much hate that he would like to see The Valley Peak shut down and me starved out.

Thanks to all of my readers. I know many of you have very different thoughts and opinions than I do and that you are intelligent enough to make your own decisions based on all the information that you gather from whatever sources you find.

I guess I could post more links to VAERS (vaccine adverse events) or all the doctors’ alliances around the world who are asking questions but I don’t think Bob will have the time to check them. He has to save the valley from free speech and open ideas and discussion.

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope it is a fun and safe adventure for all.