Robservations for October 21, 2021

21 Oct

What do you think about during your days? Do you think about past events where you have been out having fun? Do you think about your friends and family and how much you love them? Do you think about money and how much you have to work to pay your bills? Do you think about retirement and whether or not you are set up for it? Do you think about what you saw on the television last night? Or do you just think about the present moment and how important it is?

We all think differently, that is for sure. Being able to find joy in the present moment sounds like a great way to go. I believe that is where dog’s brains are at. They just enjoy now no matter when or where or what that looks like.

Myself, lately, I have almost been thinking like a ‘prepper’ I guess. I feel that our society has been very spoiled for a long time without people really having to look too far for a meal or shelter. It is unlike that in many parts of the world. What is prevent-ing that here?

I fear a power shutdown. If we lose power for 24 hours then I have to start figuring out my dialysis plans. Without dialysis I am only looking at a few days of survival. I do have a generator and some fuel but that is very short term. I am in a unique spot for sure. Stupid kidneys anyways.
Really a person should think about community and have a support plan for friends and neighbours in case something did happen. A sharing, caring, loving, giving type of program that keeps you together in good times and bad.