Robservations for October 14, 2021

14 Oct

Where do you think this is all headed? What will be happening in December? How about next spring? Will there ever be such a thing as ‘normal’ again? Were we ever normal?
We have lived in a pretty spoiled time with easy access to everything for everyone here in Canada. But is that normal existence? Many countries live very differently.

We are now a segregated society based on a medical procedure, as predicted by many people a year ago. Our government is determining who and what is essential on a random basis. The vaccine is proving to be ineffective at stopping the virus but it has sure propagated an ‘us versus them’ mentality in our society.

So what is the plan? Will we be masked and getting booster shots for the rest of time? Do you think the goalposts will ever settle? (need 60%, 70%, no 80%, wait 95% vaccination rate for ‘herd immunity’)? The TV tells us there is no natural immunity which every doctor in the world knows is a lie. What the heck is actually happening folks? Other countries have stopped all pandemic measures. We are seeing lots of vaccinated people getting sick around the world but our TVs refuse to report on that. It is the same with the millions of people protesting around the world. Why is that never on the news?

Why is no one questioning anything? Why is there so much censorship? Really folks, where is this all headed? My life does not change much with my health stuff but how about yours?