Robservations for October 7, 2021

7 Oct

This week brings back a lot of health memories so there will be plenty of health propaganda mixed in with gardening and Thanksgiving. Harvest season brings gratefulness to many families. I understand that a bit better now. Gardening has rewards.

I have had many different strangers reach out this past year or two and some of those have become close friends. I guess I have been open with my opinions for a while now.

I am pretty light-headed for most of this writing episode so I apologize if it is repetitive. It has been tough staying awake for sure. The hounds are napping too. I appreciate my proofreader Dorothy as she is not too firm on time of proofing.

October 1 is the date I took over The Valley Peak, back in 2006 or so. This month has a lot of memories including Watson’s birthday. I definitely miss that old hound dog.

I do really love the colours of October. The leaves are brilliant as they announce the upcoming winter. It is a beautiful thing that I often overlooked in my younger years. I must have been focused on turkey and treats.

Please remember to be kind to your neighbours and others this weekend and always. Heaven knows we all need more love and caring around us these days.