Robservations for September 30 2021

30 Sep

In everyone’s mind, we all have our own good intentions. Within ourselves, we think that everything we do is in the best interests of everyone around us. Because of this we often believe that everyone feels the same way. Everyone should have good intentions. Often a person’s past history can help reveal their current true intentions.

So where do I fit in with all of that? I write against the main narrative and the government policies. Why do I do that? What is my intention? Do I have a history of trying to hurt people? I have been in the Valley for 20 years now. Have I spent that time trying to make things worse for people? In my mind I have done nothing but try to help and support nearly everyone and everything that I can support. For years.

How about our government? What are their intentions? What is their history? Are they honourable? Are they looking out for your best interest as often as possible? Are they always working to make your life easier and better? You have to figure that out for yourself. We all think differently.

But what you must remember is that even though you may think differently than I do, that does not mean that I am wishing to do you harm in any way. As a matter of fact it is the opposite. I am hoping that everyone is happy and healthy always and I believe that can be achieved in different ways than what the government and media tells us. But all of that is my own opinion which I have a right to express. It is up to you to decide what is best for you and up to me to decide what is best for me.