Robservations for September 23 2021

23 Sep

Well it seems like autumn is here. The leaves are definitely changing colours these days. It is almost time for a trip to the hills to see the beautiful larch trees as they turn golden before dropping their needles.

With fall comes harvests and many folks are busy cleaning out their gardens and finding ways to preserve their abundance. It is the time of year that lots of great food is shared amongst friends and neighbours.
I love the harvests and the colours but always feel sad about the fishing and golf-ing opportunities becoming less and less. Many folks really enjoy those activities.

It should be an interesting winter as we find out which direction the virus is headed. I imagine there will be booster shots and mask mandates all through the season. I really hope that everyone is able to stay healthy, regardless of their beliefs. Personally I would really like it to end so I can get my kidneys and cancer dealt with properly without having to worry about the ‘protocols’ happening in the health industry. I would love to be able to just go for bloodwork and appointments with no other issues.

My older brother John visited me for a bit today. He is from the Island and we definitely are on opposite sides of the narrative. It is sad when family members have such polar beliefs. I know that I am half of that equation but I must be true to my own beliefs. He is a good man, better than most, really.