Robservations for September 2, 2021

2 Sep

Keyboard warriors are an interesting bunch. Sometimes I take a bit of abuse on Facebook. Often it is from people I get along with in the outside world. Other times it is complete strangers.

What is highly noticeable is the lack of actual information or debate I get from most of them. Many just call me names or talk down The Valley Peak. I still have a standing offer to anyone who wants to come sit during my dialysis and have a respectful debate. I do have to give credit to ‘Invermerepeter’ who does flood me with information that he has actually re-searched a bit.

I have been receiving lots of emails of support from all over the country. Many folks randomly pick up the paper when they are visiting the beautiful Columbia Valley. They all enjoy the chuckles from the jokes and end up reading from cover to cover. Everyone likes having their beliefs confirmed and I am no different on that issue. It feels good.

Vaccine passports are pretty much here and a few more folks are beginning to stand up. A lot of people believe that their personal medical decisions are their own to make and private. We have never asked for ‘papers’ for HIV, tuberculosis and hundreds of other spreadable diseases but somehow it is required for this flu, even though vaccinated people are as capable of spreading it as those pesky unvaccinated people. A passport makes no sense other than to control people. At least to me, anyways.