Robservations for August 26, 2021

26 Aug

I want to apologize for my comments last
week. I did not give an explanation of why
my Robservations were so direct and a
few readers were very triggered. I will discuss
Hitler’s Germany and masks a bit in
this issue. If you are interested you can
read it and if not, that is okay too. We can
all choose our own paths. That is part of

Calling me a moron, a crackpot, ignorant,
etc. probably isn’t going to sway my opinions
or observations. If you want and come
and sit with me during dialysis and have a
civil discussion, that would be awesome.
Bring some real facts, real data and some
actual studies please, not what you have
heard or seen on the television and we can
have an amazing debate. Maybe you can
convince me to change my thoughts or
maybe I can show you otherwise.

If you are strongly offended by an article,
please just go to the next article or put the
paper down. You don’t have to agree with
me on everything or anything. That is okay
as we all think about things differently. But
putting a bunch of energy into trying to
cancel The Valley Peak is a bit extreme.
Letting everyone make their own choices
and decisions seems a bit more logical.
Be confident that I am not trying to make
anyone sick or even angry. I am just trying
to give some of my thoughts, knowing they
are much different than much of the information
coming out of other sources. Freedom
of thought and speech are a good
thing, in my world anyways.