Robservations for August, 19 2021

19 Aug

We all have to do what we feel is best for
us. If you feel that wearing a dirty, bacterial
-filled piece of cloth on your face is a good
idea for your health, go for it. If you want to
inject an experimental biological agent into
your body for your protection, then do that.
It really does not matter to me (except I
can’t accept a vaccinated kidney). We all
get to make choices about our bodies.
But on the other hand, when a person
chooses not to do those things but instead
take vitamins, eat healthy, drink water,
exercise regularly, etc., that should be
none of your concern. It is their choice to
trust the body that God gave them. Not
If you have been jabbed then you should
have no worries about what others are
doing. You should be protected or why
would you even get jabbed? I am trying to
I remember when science meant testing a
hypothesis to prove it right or wrong. Lately
‘science’ means do whatever you are told
without any actual data or any chance to
question it. Science is what the TV tells
you it is. It is scary.
The climate scientists are realizing that
some people know that carbon dioxide is
one of the most important plant nutrients
and higher levels promote plant growth
which provides energy and oxygen for
humans. So they will be telling us that methane
is bad also. Anything to scare us, tax
us and regulate us more works for them.
Prepare yourself for some climate lockdowns
after the novid lockdowns.
With vaccine passport and mandatory vaccines,
we are quickly headed into George
Orwells’ ‘1984’. as well as Hitler’s Germany
and prophecies from the Bible. That is
the scary part for me, not the renamed flu