Robservations for August 12, 2021

12 Aug

It is tough to write a positive column when there is so much going wrong all around me and all around the world. I just cannot understand the evil forces that are driving things these days and the willingness of the average person to just let it all happen. I guess life is less complicated that way.
Myself, I have nothing to lose really. I felt my death certificate was signed nearly 4 years ago with my kidney failure and can-cer diagnosis. I feel I am living on bor-rowed time now. That seems to make it much easier to deal with a virus with a more than 99% survival rate. Fear of dying is just not an issue for me. The fear of not having lived a full life when I was alive is much stronger.
There were a lot of items on my bucket list that I never got to do and many of them are now impossible (or highly improbable) with my health situation. It is a tough thing to accept but it really makes me want to enjoy whatever I can whenever I can. Sad-ly I have spent some time in the last few years using health as an excuse to not get out and do things but now I am trying to turn that around.
A weak, crappy round of golf is really much better than no golf at all. A short scenic hike is better than no hike at all. That sort of thing. Life is extremely lonely on that dialysis machine and no matter how time-consuming it is, I must find a way to live in between the sessions. It is that simple.