Robservations For August 5, 2021

5 Aug

Time never stops going forward no matter how much we like the moment that we are in. It is a tough concept to understand but we can never really relive the moment we are living in at any time.

Every day people around the world are having the best (or worst) day of their lives. How about you? Have you had the best day of your life yet or will it be today, or tomorrow? You never know.

Always plan a great day. Your own attitude will determine how the day goes. We often get into a rut and begin to dislike a lot of things about ourselves and our day. Good things happen but our mood and perspective make them seem like nothing.

But if you start your day thinking good thought, maybe even saying a prayer, you will find a lot of great things happen every day. Even with my dialysis, a bad early attitude makes for a bad run on the ma-chine while a good attitude going in leads to 5 smooth hours with no issues. Our attitude is everything.

Watching my garden grow is a fantastic spirit lifting experience. It is incredible how a tiny seed can grow into a majestic plant that generates delicious food. Spending time watering my garden and marveling at it is a great way to start my day.