Robservations For July 22, 2021

22 Jul

What type of a legacy will you leave behind?
What will you be remembered for?
Do you think people will be talking about
your nice vehicle? Or the money you
made? Or how many toys you have gathered?
I don’t think so. Most people are remembered
by how they treat others. Even more
so by how you help others. Life is not
about gathering things for ourselves but
more about what we do to help others.
Happiness is the same sort of thing. If you
do something to achieve your own happiness,
it is a fleeting feeling, but if you do
something that makes someone else happy,
you are left with a long lingering feeling
of happiness and joy yourself. So be kind
and helpful, it is a no-brainer.
Standing up for your personal beliefs will
also help with your legacy. It is much easier
to just conform and comply regardless
of what you think but it is certainly not very
noteworthy. Society needs some freethinkers
who question things. They help
with reality.

Many of us leave several legacies as we
are diverse. Some know me as a safety/
first aid officer, a professional clown, curling
club manager, jailhouse guard, fire
warden, support worker and even the leader
of a summer camp. Others know me as
a United Way director, honour roll student,
biology major and now the producer of The
Valley Peak.

Even with The Valley Peak, my legacy has
changed. I am still the same communityminded
person but I am not afraid to write
about my own honest thoughts, rather than
ignoring the obvious to try to fit in.