Robservations For July 15, 2021

15 Jul

Again, a tough column to put together. I have spent the day on dialysis and doing lots of research and nothing that I see makes any sense. Messaging from the W.H.O. conflicts with messaging from the CDC and both conflict with the messaging from our health officials. Strokes and heart attacks are way up with vaccinated folks but I will just leave that alone. The information is out there for anyone who is interested.

I hope and pray that everyone is doing fine with their health. I have had many folks tell me they hope that I get sick with covid to teach me a lesson. Twisted though pro-cess really.

I am continuing to try to rebuild my health from my chemo experience. It is a long haul with many aspects. Many of the foods that are high in antioxidants (good for cancer) are also high in potassium (bad for kidney failure) so I have to find a balance. Beet greens and spinach are good examples of that.
It is important for me to try to stay cool and hydrated. It is important for you as well. We are in for a few more days of this hot weather. My garden seems to enjoy it as long as I give it a good watering every morning and evening. I can almost see the plants growing. They certainly change eve-ry day. Sunflowers are pretty amazing as they turn to face the sun at all times. Most plants lean towards the sun but these ones really go after it.

Anyways, unrelated but please be kind and non-judgmental out there. Most of us have no idea what is happening in others’ lives yet feel we can have an opinion on them. There is so much about my past that I wish others knew about and understood. It is likely the same for everyone. Enjoy the days.