Robservations For July 8, 2021

8 Jul

How do we find happiness? For me, each day is a new beginning and I have these two beautiful Basset hounds that can bring plenty of joy (or a bit of grief) every single time we interact. It is heart-warming every time I settle down to give one a rub, know-ing that I will have to give the same to the other just ‘to be fair’. It really means twice as much love for me!

I also love to get away and do some camp-ing or fishing on occasion. Nothing to worry about except maybe fooling a fish or two.
I need a bit of support to get out in the fishing boat. I am not very strong or well-balanced with my kidney and cancer stuff. I have had a bit of a friend transition since getting sick so it has meant taking some new folks out on the water. Happiness is having a total rookie catch a fish on my boat. It is pretty exciting knowing that they are feeling the power of a rainbow trout on a fly rod. It is an unforgettable experience. I feel like a wise teacher and they feel great.

Another thing that brings me some happiness is growing into trying not to judge others. I see many things in the world that I do not like (find offensive) but have come to realize that it is not up to others to please me. We are all on our own journeys. We all think differently and we have to accept that. I know that I am judged weekly by what I write and that many people, rather than just disagreeing and carry-ing on with life, feel that they must try to ‘cancel’ my opinions. That is sad so it is something that I have to try to ignore to stay happy.