Robservations For July 1, 2021

1 Jul

Who do you trust in this world? Who do
you know you can rely on under any circumstances?
Who has your best interests
on their list of concerns? Is it you family?
Do you have close friends? Coworkers,
boss, classmates, teammates? Who is it?
How about the government? Do you still
trust them? Do you feel they wake up every
morning and wonder how they help
make your life better? Do you think all their
new laws and mandates are put out there
to improve your well-being?
How about the Catholic Church now that
what we already knew is being
‘discovered’ and made public. All the lies
that came out of the residential ‘schools’
that equate to covering up mass murder?
How about the pharmaceutical companies?
Or the medical industry itself? The
people making millions of dollars off of us
being sick? Do you trust them?
I am having a tough time trusting any authority
lately. People who make rules that
make no sense at all and persecute those
who question them? We allow that here. It
is bizarre.
Imagine being in a position to make billions
of dollars with no liabilities or personal risk.
Imagine having the government supporting
everything corporate at the cost of the citizens.
I just cannot wrap my head around
all of that but I will not just ignore it.
Obviously many of us do still have total
trust in the government and are just doing
whatever our leaders allow us to do on any
given day. Our new reality believes that it
is a virtue to follow orders without question.
It is the opposite of the ‘question everything’
concept that I like to follow.
Question nothing folks. It seems to be an
easy way to exist. Even easier, totally dismiss
anyone that does question ‘the science’
and the narrative. How dare them.